Is Fusebox Compatible with Blubrry PowerPress?

Fusebox and PowerPress

Yes! Generally speaking, if you already use the PowerPress podcasting plugin, you should continue to do so. The only change you should make is to disable the PowerPress media players, as these will be redundant now that you're using the Fusebox players. Here's how to disable the PowerPress players:

  1. Go to the Blubrry PowerPress Settings area in WordPress.
  2. Click on the Website tab.
  3. Under Blog Posts and Pages --> Display Media & Links click on Disable. This will prevent Blubrry PowerPress from manually inserting PowerPress links into your blog posts. You can still add them manually using their shortcodes.

Keep in mind you will still need to manually add the Fusebox Players to your page or post. 

Any Blubrry shortcodes you have previously entered manually will not be affected; however if you have old blog podcast posts that relied on the Below page content or Above page content settings to display media players, those players will disappear. You will need to add Smart Track Players (or manually add Blubrry PowerPress players) back into those posts.

Should I disable the PowerPress plugin?

We often receive the question "Should I disable the PowerPress plugin?" The answer to this question depends on how you set up your podcast feed. 

  • If you used PowerPress to set up your podcast feed, you should not disable the plugin. 
  • If you were only using PowerPress to act as a media player, then you can disable the plugin.

If your feed is set up using the PowerPress plugin, disabling the plugin will remove all of your episodes from your feed (and from iTunes)! If you have done this, don't panic; just reactivate the PowerPress plugin. Your feed should be reactivated immediately, although it will take up to 48 hours for your episodes to return to iTunes.

How can you tell if your feed was set up using PowerPress? Here are a few ways to tell:

  • Libsyn users: If you publish episodes by uploading your podcast into Libsyn as a "file for download only" and then enter that file URL into the PowerPress box, PowerPress is managing your feed. Do not disable the plugin.
  • Did you use Pat Flynn's Podcasting Tutorial to set up your podcast? PowerPress is managing your feed. Do not disable the plugin.
  • If you see your website URL followed by something like /podcast/feed (such as, then you are probably using PowerPress to manage your feed. Do not disable the plugin.

As always, before you make any changes to your website (such as disabling a plugin), we highly recommend that you back up your site. There are other plugins, such as BackWPUp, designed to automate website backup.

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