What products does Fusebox offer?

We built the tools podcasters want and listeners enjoy. 

Product Lineup

Easy Hosting

Part of the Beta Tools Program, Easy Hosting is podcast hosting made easy. With straightforward analytics, easy file upload, and custom scheduling—Easy Hosting is a much-needed take on a service that every podcaster uses.

Easy Hosting support can be found here.

Fusebox 2.0

An upgraded, more robust, and fully hosted version of the original Smart Podcast Player. Available player modes include:

  • Archive Player
  • Single Track Player
  • Sticky Player
  • Full-Page Player View

Fusebox 2.0 support can be found here.

Fusebox 1.0

The original Smart Podcast Player with a host of updates and bug fixes. The very same podcast player you remember, but with a new name. Fusebox 1.0 no longer supports the creation of new subscriptions. However, existing Free and Pro users may continue their access for as long as Fusebox 1.0 is supported. Available player modes include:

  • Full Player
  • Track Player
  • Sticky Player

Fusebox 1.0 support can be found here.

Fusebox Transcripts (WordPress only)

A WordPress-only plugin, Fusebox Transcripts allows users to elegantly display their episode transcript text. Fusebox Transcripts offers the ability to:

  • Integrate with popular transcription services, such as Rev or Temi.
  • Quickly insert episode transcript files in a few clicks.
  • Offer email capture via the email sign-up feature
  • Provide visitors with a downloadable version of the transcript text.

Fusebox Transcripts can be found here.

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