What products does Fusebox offer?

Product Lineup

Whether you're new to Fusebox, recently upgraded, or have been with us for years, it's important to know the full list of products and features that are included with a Free and Pro plan. Furthermore, as Fusebox 2.0 is brand new, a refresher around what products we offer may be in order.

Product lineup

As some of you may know, we create a podcast player that works with many Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms used by the internets' best podcasters, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. 

Did you know Fusebox 2.0 is actually 3 players in 1? Additionally, we added a brand new player view only available on Pro plans! 

So, let's review our products.

Fusebox 2.0

Archive Player: Previously referred to as the Full Player, the brand new Archive Player is great for allowing listeners to easily browse your entire library of episodes. From showcasing a list of featured episodes to allowing listeners to search your episodes, the Archive Player will become a staple of your website.

Single Track Player: Great for showcasing a specific episode or embedding on a page with show notes. Just as customizable as the Archive Player, but without the extra.

Sticky Player: Perfect for passive listening while visitors browse your website, read show notes, or blog posts. Don't be fooled by its compact size! This little player packs a punch and is an excellent way to make your website stand out from the rest.

Full Page Player View: Brand new with Fusebox 2.0! Open our player in a new window! This is great for when your listeners want to continue listening while also going to other pages of your website. Just check the box in the Archive Player settings and voila!

Fusebox Transcripts: Last but not least is our custom-built Fusebox Transcripts - An elegant way to display your podcast transcripts right on your website. No more scrolling to infinity! Fusebox Transcripts contains the entirety of your transcript in a SEO-friendly frame. Finally, Fusebox Transcripts can be configured for an easy email signup.

*** Fusebox Transcripts is only WordPress compatible ***

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