Why Can't I Login?

Troubleshooting Login Problems

If you've tried to login to your Fusebox Account but keep running into problems, we're sorry for that. Let's fix that! Okay, trouble with logging in can be a couple of things:

  • You've used a different email address than you used when you first purchased the player (make sure to use the same email address you used to purchase the player; this is important!). You can change your email address within the your Fusebox Account once you've logged in.
  • You have the wrong password. Oops! Click here to reset your password. Note: Password Reset will expire after an hour, so make sure to check your email and reset within an hour. If for some reason you didn't receive your password reset email, please email us.
  • Neither of these fit? Shoot us an email at help@fusebox.fm and we'll figure this out for you.

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